What is Peersite?

Peersite is an online training platform that takes e-learning to the next level. It’s designed for mobile access and it functions like a social networking website. Employees can access training content from anywhere on their own mobile devices; they can collaborate and add comments, endorse content and become part of the training process. Peersite encourages employees to get involved and contribute by making training programs more engaging and rewarding.

The Peersite Mobile Learning Platform breaks down organizational barriers while supporting learning collaboration and knowledge sharing among peers. It leverages the power of social networking by connecting your workforce within an easy and simple-to-use mobile-friendly platform.

Peersite creates a powerful company knowledge base that is refined through the ongoing collective intelligence of your team. It is field tested and validated by the very staff it serves, and as such, they are more likely to embrace the skills and knowledge presented since it represents their insight as well!

Peersite by Whatever Solutions & Media Inc.

Since 2003, Whatever Solutions & Media Inc. has been developing e learning, performance support and custom software solutions for Fortune 500 companies, all levels of government and educators alike.

Our Flagship product, Peersite, has been developed to meet the needs of small, medium and large scale businesses alike by offering a mobile-friendly learning and on-going content reinforcement (performance support) tool. It addresses the ‘missing-link' in learning today by enabling companies to connect and collaborate with staff across divisions, departments, or locations via mobile devices including smart phones and tablets, as well as traditional desktop computers.