All PlatformsThe mobile ‘always connected’ employee

Few trends have moved through our society at the speed at which mobile usage has. It’s crossing generations and demographics with lighting speed, quickly becoming the tool of choice for people accessing the internet. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, News or Weather feeds, or custom applications, companies around the globe are scrambling to create usable content that leverages mobile devices. From smartphones to tablets, mobile technology is changing the way we access the web forever.

Our Peersite platform has been developed from the ground up to leverage mobile access, and while it supports any device including traditional laptops, both PC and MAC-based, our simple to use interface really shines on tablets and smartphones including iPhones, Androids and Blackberry alike!

For years companies have struggled with the role of staff’s personal mobile phones as IT personnel adopted a ‘locked down’ corporate mentality. However, the reality of today’s workforce is such that they view their devices as a personnel extension of their lives. Innovative companies are now learning how to leverage staff’s connection with their devices rather than trying to lock them out.

Our Peersite Platform embraces the mobile enabled, ‘always connected’ workforce and seeks to connect staff through their devices. Quick, ‘bite-sized chunk’ training videos, peer comments, weekly learning tips, intuitive, easy to use product information applications, corporate news and dialogue, friendly competition and Leaderboard recognition – Peersite connects staff, departments, locations and dealerships like never before via smartphones and tablets.