Community Experts

Let’s face it – every company has a wealth of expertise just waiting to be recognized. They’re in the field, facing the realities of your marketplace every day. And for many, the fact that they’ve survived within your industry means they’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Unfortunately, they’re rarely asked for their advice, and their expertise goes unrecognized.

woman with iPad

Imagine if you could push training concepts to the field or floor and gain instant feedback, input and collaboration? Your learning strategy suddenly becomes agile and adaptive, responding to the insights and ‘best practices’ advice from those who know best! And empowering your staff with a sense of control and recognition means they’ll be more likely to take ownership in the content while also creating a company knowledge base that can help differentiate your company within your marketplace.

Community Experts – chances are they’re out there in your organization, and waiting to be asked for their input. They’re proud of their skills, can add to your company knowledge base, and demonstrate the actual skills and techniques the e-learning modules introduce.