E-Learning vs. M-Learning

Mobile learning, or M-Learning, is focussed on learning and training across mobile devices. While related to e-learning in that content is being distributed and shared electronically, M-Learning goes beyond the traditional sit-at-your-computer-for-30-minutes training session. M-Learning connects users to training modules on their tablets and smartphones, so that learning and engagement can happen anywhere, at any time. M-Learning is a proactive method of training a workforce that is becoming increasingly mobile and dependent on their mobile devices.

Mobile Learning

Peersite carries M-Learning to the next level by offering training modules in a collaborative, social environment. Employees are encouraged to learn and converse through a familiar-feeling social interface and a variety of rewards associated with participation. It’s the perfect complement to an existing E-Learning system, as mobile learning ‘bites’ can help reinforce critical skills while promoting in-depth training modules located within existing platforms. Peersite can also serve as a stand-alone training solution for organizations looking for a robust mobile performance support platform. And since Peersite offers full administrative and content control through our easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS), you’re in the driver’s seat for steering your ongoing training initiatives.