The Power of Mobile

Pharmacist with iPadMobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) are quickly becoming the ‘go-to choice’ for people connecting to the Internet, accessing social websites and communicating via email and text. And while many organizations struggle with staff wanting to use their personal devices while at work, leading companies are now adopting strategies on how to leverage this trend. The ‘bring your own device (BYOD) trend represents a remarkable opportunity to enable staff to connect with their peers while promoting continuous learning and development. Since staff are passionate and engaged in using smartphones and tablets, why not design performance management and learning content that supports mobile devices? Peersite is a fully mobile-compliant platform that enables staff to quickly and easily connect with their peers and their training using mobile technology – anywhere, anytime! They can:

  • View an important news item or company post
  • Connect with their peers in meaningful dialogue
  • Comment of a training item
  • Answer a quick poll
  • Review their personal performance status
  • Participate in a corporate learning game
  • And so much more!