Why use Peersite?

Peersite provides you with all the flexibility of a traditional Learning Management System (LMS) while providing you with the power of a mobile performance support tool. And while you can push video learning content to the field, track usage and test compliancy, the real power of Peersite is in its ability to break down barriers and create a connected community of learners. Important learning objectives can be reinforced beyond the classroom or online learning module using Peersite’s mobile-optimized video delivery platform. You can encourage commenting, feedback and discussion, and in doing so, engage your employees on an ongoing basis.

Why Use Peersite

Peersite has been designed to augment and support traditional LMS and instructor-lead classroom training by providing companies with a channel to promote training content. In many cases, the natural evolution and growth of today’s LMSs have resulted in content being buried and difficult to locate. Lengthy, hour-long training modules are accessed by staff once and then filed deep within the archives, whereas Peersite encourages frequent repetition through augmenting content with ‘bite sized’ 3-minute training ‘tips.’

Best of all, Peersite’s ‘mobile first’ architecture supports frequent contact and connection with your team by utilizing their preferred platform – the mobile smartphone or tablet. Valuable work time is optimized as training occurs more often, but in shorter blocks of time. That translates into cost savings for your organization as well as increased performance for your staff.