Bite Sized Chunks

Fundamental to the Peersite Platform is the notion that today’s workforce is required to understand and access an ever-increasing amount of product data and company knowledge. In response, companies invested in elaborate e-learning systems that promote hour-long content modules which often included comprehension testing. And yet, time and time again, feedback from the field indicated that staff were not developing the necessary skills despite the considerable investments. So why the disconnect? It’s easy – these systems required so much energy and expense to keep up with content growth that primary skill reinforcement was lost.

Video on iPod

Repetition and reinforcement enables us to better understand the key learning elements – and studies show it should first occur within 6 days of the original training session. Enter the role of our Peersite ‘bite-sized’ video delivery platform, which serves engage your audience with ongoing content reinforcement and dialogue.

After all, skill competency occurs when we internalize the skills being promoted within a learning module. And for most, this occurs within the workplace, at the moment of need, not within an hour long video presentation. It is greatly enhanced by interacting with your peers, and by collaborating as we learn from being exposed to those who already demonstrate the skills we seek to learn. And so, Peersite seeks to create that community of collaboration by encouraging dialogue, feedback, and in recognizing Community Experts.