Customization & Integration

The Peersite Platform is based on mobile learning, social knowledge sharing and building your company’s knowledge base. But applications can be customized to meet very specific business and training needs. And Peersite can be easily integrated into an existing Learning Management System (LMS) or training platform that’s already in use.

Part of the beauty of Peersite is that organizations don’t need to abandon their existing training strategies. Instead, they can use Peersite to augment training platforms, encourage more enthusiastic participation and measure real training results.

Our proven team are experts when it comes to custom data integration. We’ve worked with major Fortune 500 firms to integrate our applications within complex IT environments. From simple authentication and sign-on services to data call-outs and custom web services, our team has the know- how and expertise to work within your IT infrastructure.

So if you’re looking to augment your existing Learning Management System (LMS) with a mobile performance support tool, or pull data from your current CRM, you’ve found the solution with Peersite.