Online Polls

Peersite can serve as a stand-alone Learning Management System (LMS), or work in unison with an existing LMS. Through the content management system (CMS), you can choose whether you want to have a quiz applied after your video, or even link to more formal tests and certifications.

While the Peersite platform can facilitate testing after content is viewed, it also supports `Instant Polls` that enable you to gain staff feedback about your product, your competitors or your marketplace. Admins can easily create multiple-choice polls with different options using the content wizard in the backend.

And since you can choose to have video content ranked, rated and commented on, you can validate your training with your audience, and encourage dialogue and communication about key learning objectives. This forms the basis of an adaptive, company knowledge base that can grow from valuable staff feedback.

Peersite’s powerful administrative backend reduces administration costs while empowering managers and supervisors to develop personalized training ‘road maps’ for their staff. They can easily log in and view information for their group, or location while drilling down to specific staff – all from the ease and convenience of their mobile smartphone!