Performance Support

Peersite empowers your workforce to connect, engage, share and participate in the distribution and development of company knowledge, creating a community of learning collaboration. It’s the missing link in what happens ‘after the training’ and supports the most important element in effective training today: Reinforcement of key learning points, applied within the workplace, and at the moment of need.

Critical Skills BuildingWhat is Performance Support?

Performance support recognizes that most people learn best through doing. And while formal instructor-lead training and interactive online learning can help introduce and demonstrate important skills and concepts, competency occurs when we internalize learning into actionable skill sets within our workplace.

These skills are refined and personalized through collaboration among our peers and frequent reinforcement. Performance support is about creating ways to allow your stakeholders to engage with content before and after the training by facilitating dialogue and commenting. Peersite does just that by creating a mobile platform for social learning and communication that transcends across divisions, locations and even business units. It forms the basis for a dynamic learning strategy for your organization – one that is adaptive, agile, collaborative, and best of all… validated by your audience – staff who are in the field, on the floor, in the aisles or at your dealerships.

But it`s also about recognizing that staff need tools – they need to be able to access important information at the moment of need. The expectation that staff learn, memorize and store all of the vital company/product/service/competitor/industry information within their internal knowledge database is perhaps unrealistic as the content is too vast and is always changing.

Peersite, as a mobile performance support tool, recognizes that simple, fast access to product information, community experts and company knowledge is as close as a click (or swipe) away.

Furthermore, it is well recognized that corporate training often struggles to achieve real tangible results since it is difficult to reinforce over time. Engaging staff with learning that occurs beyond the classroom, or learning module is critical to ongoing skill development yet challenging when training a remote team.

Peersite serves to promote on-going training and dialogue after the training phase through it’s easy to use web interface and collaborative community platform, making it the ultimate performance support tool, and a perfect companion to your existing training tools. Simple ‘summary’ tip videos, or reminder documents can be shared with your team for viewing on the device of their choice. Your team can rate the content, comment about the content, and engage in meaningful discussion. And you can reward that activity, or create discussion topics, or polls to further encourage your team to really communicate about the concepts they are learning. Peersite takes your training beyond the initial learning ‘event’ and integrates into the daily activity of your team.